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New Car For The New Year?

Time was, the arrival of a new year meant the opening of the floodgates for new car shoppers eager to see what new makes and models promised by way of speed, comfort, economy and just pure fun. While new car arrivals and announcements can now happen throughout the year, January is still a big month for new car sales. As a result, lots of drivers may be looking to add a new car insurance policy to a list of start-of-the-year to do’s. Many popular insurance providers are now offering a number of ways to make the transition easier. Are

Auto Insurance

Lowering Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance is a major expense in nearly every household budget. When it comes to looking for a quote, it is important for us to find good and reliable insurance for the lowest price. A variety of factors go into how much you will be paying your insurance company each month and many of us have no idea what those are. This article will take an in depth look at what insurance companies look at and what you can do to lower those premiums. Driving Record The first thing any insurance company is going to look at is your driving


AWD Cars List

If you’re looking for a safe family car that handles well in all types of weather should you consider this AWD cars list. The Subaru Impreza falls into the category of AWD. The benefits to consider with this vehicle are extra cargo space allowing plenty of room for groceries and carrying the items that you need. This car has high safety scores and handles well. You can expect 20 mpg for city driving and 28 mpg during highway driving. This vehicle is priced around $18,000 and the Insurance Institute for Highway safety has selected the Impreza as a Top

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Apollo Performance Time Attack STI

Apollo Performance is a shop in Upland, CA that specializes in Subaru performance upgrades, regular maintenance and, as you will notice after being introduced to their famous Street Category Time Attack Subaru GDB STI, they really know their stuff when it comes to Subaru and Boxer Engines. Few years back Apollo Performance took the gauntlet for the 2011 Redline Time Attack street tire championship. They have even competed in the Global Time Attack. Let’s move on to their distinctive Custom Flat RED weapon of choice. Starting with the engine, which is producing 552 whp and 498 ft.lbs of torque,


Ford Fusion V6 SE AWD Review

The results are in on the new Ford Fusion. This vehicle is a head of its class and of course it is an awd vehicle. It has it’s own sense of style for a mid-size. Though the Fusion has been in production since 2006 this model is making its own way. Ford has made many modifications over the years, some times adding things or leaving things out. This Fusion model has the best of old and also the best of the new. The Fusion is the evolution of driving. All the extras most modern cars have. The features many