British car buying habits

According to Google’s ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report in April 2017, 71% of the UK adult population are car owners, with nearly half (47%) of vehicles purchased within the last two years. Britain is very much an upgradable nation – whether it is our phones, laptops and clothing or our cars and homes, Brits like to upgrade regularly to make sure they always have the best model on the market. This trend ties in with how many vehicles had been purchased within the last two years. Many car owners like to upgrade their vehicles for a newer model to

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Digging into the deep mechanics of Radiator Shopping

Replace, rebuilds, and upgrades: the triangle of reasons around getting a new radiator can be as shallow or as deep as you prefer. When you’re looking at getting a new radiator, chances are good that you immediately assumed that all radiators are alike. That’s not correct, and in order to set the record straight, we must dive deep into the mechanics of getting a new radiator. Okay, we won’t go so deep that you’ll get lost. However, it’s our hope that you’ll see just how important and special the radiator really is. Without a good radiator, all that money


London Flagship Showroom Leads the way for Volkswagen

Volkswagen has completed a brand new showroom in Brentford, Essex and it is their biggest in the UK. Located in West London, the four storey building has room for 90 vehicles and employs 70 trained staff in sales, after sales and repair services. The building is on a 1.6 acre site and has been specifically designed to be welcoming and relaxing to customers and even has solar panels to reduce its impact on the environment. The vertical garden by the entrance, which is watered with collected rain water form the roof, is just the start of the experience for


Make Your Golden Years Truly Shine with Van Living

Slow down, young folks: the seniors deserve to enjoy some freedom too. After all, this is the generation that knows the real value of hard work. Sacrifices had to be made for the good of the family, and you didn’t hesitate to make them. Now it’s your time to shine, and you can save money at the same time. The key is to look into van living, which would save you from the expensive whims of city living and keep more of your pension money where it belongs: with you! The infographic provided below was given to us by


The Fastest Cars on Earth are guaranteed Chick Magnets

Chick magnets. Babe grabbers. Women wooers. Hey, we’re not trying to be rude here. We love the ladies and the ladies love us…especially in a fast car. Women and cars have gone together for a very long time. Now, our girlfriends made us promise to keep the hot car loving ladies off the blog but we have something even better: an infographic of the world’s fastest cars. Thank Drive Benfield for saving our bacon, because the doghouse out back doesn’t have good Internet access. But while weíre on the subject of fast cars, how about that BMW? It’s not


Chery A5 car review

Chery automobile company limited is a car manufacturing firm which is found in China. This company is state owned by the government of China and founded back in 1997. They produce a wide range of cars including passenger cars, minivans and SUVs. One of the models manufactured by this company is the Chery A5 car. This compact car has been in production by the Chinese firm since 2006 to present times. This car has had many units sold and exported to other countries for sale. The car is also a four passenger car and is known for its fuel


Citroen C4 cactus suv

This is a remarkably efficient car that is manufactured by a French automobile company known as citroen. This company has been in car production for quite some time since its founding in 1919. Since then, this automobile company has revolved to car manufacturing producing incredible models in the last productions. There are many car models that this company has under its roof and citroen C4 cactus is one of the model that majors in passenger comfort as well as that of the driver. While the car remains practical to those interested in buying it, it also offers all new

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New Car For The New Year?

Time was, the arrival of a new year meant the opening of the floodgates for new car shoppers eager to see what new makes and models promised by way of speed, comfort, economy and just pure fun. While new car arrivals and announcements can now happen throughout the year, January is still a big month for new car sales. As a result, lots of drivers may be looking to add a new car insurance policy to a list of start-of-the-year to do’s. Many popular insurance providers are now offering a number of ways to make the transition easier. Are

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Lowering Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance is a major expense in nearly every household budget. When it comes to looking for a quote, it is important for us to find good and reliable insurance for the lowest price. A variety of factors go into how much you will be paying your insurance company each month and many of us have no idea what those are. This article will take an in depth look at what insurance companies look at and what you can do to lower those premiums. Driving Record The first thing any insurance company is going to look at is your driving


AWD Cars List

If you’re looking for a safe family car that handles well in all types of weather should you consider this AWD cars list. The Subaru Impreza falls into the category of AWD. The benefits to consider with this vehicle are extra cargo space allowing plenty of room for groceries and carrying the items that you need. This car has high safety scores and handles well. You can expect 20 mpg for city driving and 28 mpg during highway driving. This vehicle is priced around $18,000 and the Insurance Institute for Highway safety has selected the Impreza as a Top