Apollo Performance Time Attack STI

Apollo Performance is a shop in Upland, CA that specializes in Subaru performance upgrades, regular maintenance and, as you will notice after being introduced to their famous Street Category Time Attack Subaru GDB STI, they really know their stuff when it comes to Subaru and Boxer Engines. Few years back Apollo Performance took the gauntlet for the 2011 Redline Time Attack street tire championship. They have even competed in the Global Time Attack. Let’s move on to their distinctive Custom Flat RED weapon of choice.

GTA_WSIR Apollo Performance

Starting with the engine, which is producing 552 whp and 498 ft.lbs of torque, Apollo Performance opted for a 2.5l Closed Deck JDM block along with JE pistons, OEM crankshaft and STi rods to withstand the extra stress of the added boost. All the studs come from ARP’s catalogue.

street cars

Moving on to the head,  280 degrees Brian Crower camshafts and Supertech dual valvesprings complete the assembly. Between the head and the short-block a Cosworth gasket avoids leaks while the brain behind the engine’s functions is an AEM pcm. Furthermore, a Koyo racing radiator takes care of the water temperatures in the engine bay.

Induction wise, boost comes from a Garrett GTX3582R turbocharger and the airflow is cooled by a custom FMIC, before entering a reversed factory throttle body and intake manifold. Cosworth TGV Deletes have found their place as well. A Full Race twin scroll manifold followed by a Jason Noren Fabrications custom exhaust takes care of the vast amount of gasses produced. A host of Turbosmart items keep the forced induction departement together: Twin 45mm external wastegates and a Raceport BOV to vent the excessive air to the atmosphere… just about every time the driver takes is foot off the “fun” pedal.

On the other end of the car, the fuel starts its journey from the OEM fuel tank through Dual Walbro 255lph fuel pumps which lead to Outfront Motorsports fuel rails that happily hug 1000cc RC injectors. The pressure is regulated again by a Turbosmart FPR. A neat and simple fuel system that thoroughly follow the K.I.S.S. rule!

The transmission parts are mostly OEM, with the addition of a Clutchmasters 242mm FX500 clutch and flywheel, plus a Carbonetic Rear 1.5 Way diff.

A lot of work has been done to improve the car’s handling. A set of JRZ coilovers mated to Eibach springs take care of the grip while Whiteline sway bars and Roll Center Adjusters plus Flatout bushings drastically decrease roll and the weight shift.

The chassis stiffening products are off the shelf  GT Spec items:  Fender Braces, T-Brace, Antilift Kit. In order to get the most out of the alignment settings Apollo performance fabricated custom trailing arms and a rear subframe.

With so much power and grip the braking system has undergone changes as well. Think about Cher during her career… Behind the Buddy Club P1 Racing wheels there is a massive Rotora Super Challenge Brake Kit with 6 and 4Pot front \ rear calipers respectively.

Moving on to the exterior of the car, Apollo Preformance fitted a Chargespeed Type 1 bodykit and D1 Fenders for both aerodynamic and cooling purposes. To further enhance the aero efficiency of the car an APR wing and canards, along with an HKS Kansai diffuser and custom front splitter were sourced. Furthermore, the rear trunk is replaced by a Seibon carbon over frp item and the bonnet is custom modified to increase cooling efficiency given the intercooler’s position. The graphics are produced by Mighty Club Graphics.

Most of the interior is stripped for weight reduction purposes. The roll cage is fabricated by Jason Noren Fabrications. The driver sits in a Buddy Club P1 Racing seat and is held in place with a Sparco 6 point harness. A number of Defi and AEM gauges monitor the fuctions of the engine.